Saturday, July 29, 2017

Some changes

Time for a change...ok nothing big but I am going to try to let up some of the privacy up of my blog.  

Content will still remain the same and be anything from being a mother, to my hips to pretty much whatever.  Most importantly it will be honesty and real.

Summer is dwindling down to weeks then we will shift back to the rush of school mode.  Again I sometimes wander what if I homeschool?  But as my kids only continue to grow older, I know that it would be a mingle of both---some in school and others homeschooled which doesn't seem ideal or easy.  So for now we will send them off to school.  Our oldest is a senior in high school.  We have already been on a couple of college tours.  

Brady had braces put on.  Hannah is going to be an 8th grader.  I can only pray that our Edgar will not be too much for his teacher.  He wants to be right and done first.  And when one or the other or both happen, he tends to shut down and need a lot of encouragement.  

We celebrated Hunter's first birthday.  Time really does go by fast.  

As for myself, not much.  I have been trying to find a workout that works for me.  I like youtube for my workout videos.  Blogilates has been really good and I like how upbeat she keeps it.  Sometimes the workout is keeping the baby at bay but this is where I am at in my life.  

I am learning to live according to God's will for me.  Sometimes His will doesn't align with mine.  This is where I must learn to give my trials to Him.  To let go of what I want and have faith that His plan is much better than the one I want.  


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