Thursday, December 23, 2010

Busy and Tired

It is official Dusty has returned to work. Now it is up to me, well at least until he gets home, to manage the house and kids. I will admit that I am trying but finding it a bit hard to keep up. I do get tired and by evening I am ready for bed but Baby Edgar sometimes has other plans. He is a noisy baby. He sounds like an old man with his grunting. And the laundry never seems to end. I have been keeping up with that though. It is more the dishes. I feel like I live in the kitchen. It is nice because the older three are out for Christmas break.
Other then adjusting to a new little one, I have had to take him back to the hospital twice to have his newborn lab (PKU) drawn again. The first one in the hospital didn't work so we took him to the hospital to have it done again. That one did turn out. Everything was normal except he did have slightly elevated amino acid levels. The doctors office wanted it to be redone again to just double check. So here is hoping that 1. it works and 2. that it comes back with in normal limits.
I did get a new set of xrays and sent them off to Dr. Millis. He emailed me and told me that from the xrays he doesn't think much has changed over the past 9 months. He would like to have us go out there 3-4 weeks before surgery to have a new MRI and to donate one unit of blood at that time and to go over preop stuff. That was good news to me that at least the hips didn't change much. He did ask which one is bothering me more. During the pregnancy they were calm and didn't bother me. The left was the weaker one. So I said let's do the left first. And the left is worse. I am going to have to really talk myself into this again. I do worry about the recovery period. I also worry about not keeping the pain under control. I think the worries are there because I am tired and not really thinking straight so anything big or small is alot to think about and comprehend. But otherwise I am going to do this. Especially after the past couple of days. They just aren't stable. I forgot how unstable they are and how they can hurt. The pain is gradually coming back with the giving out. Not fun. But not much longer. We thought maybe an early March date.
My mom is already home from her colon surgery. She did get the results back. And it showed that that cancer was in the muscle but not out. They did find cancer cells in 6 out of the 18 lymph nodes that were removed. So the surgeon said it was very likely that she will need chemo. But she won't get the definite yes until next week (12/29) when she sees the oncologist.

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