Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a Boy---Edgar Nicholas

Edgar Nicholas is the newest addition to our family! He made his appearance on Sunday December 5, 2010 at 841pm. The following is his birth story...
I woke up Sunday morning at 115 am to use the bathroom and afterwards I started to cramp and get some contractions. I decided to go ahead and finish packing my bag and take a shower. I did try to lay down but found I was uncomfortable and tired so I got up and sat on my birth ball for awhile. At about 4am I asked the Lord to spread them apart so I could get some rest. He listened and I went to lay down. I still was contracting but they did spread apartand I managed to get some sleep . When I did wake up, again, I got dressed and looked at the ads. I saw many things in the Target ad by the way. Any way I was still having contractions but they weren't long enough or in a regular pattern so I didn't worry much about them to want to go into the hospital. I did do some laundry and cleaned up a bit. I also took a nap in the early afternoon. I did soak in the tub a couple of times. And after the 2nd soak I noticed that the contractions were a bit closer but still weren't long enough plus I was still happy. Finally I decided that I wanted to try some different labor positions since they seemed to be picking up. One I tried was knealing and leaning over the birth ball. At first I didn't like it but I didn't want to just give up after one contraction so when the 2nd contraction came I tried again and as I was leaning over the ball, GUSH went my water. It took me by such surprise but Dusty was calm and brought me a towel. And what a time to break, dinner time, 518pm. The kids were all sitting at the kitchen table eating pizza and I was in the living room. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do at this point. I finally decided that maybe we should get ready and go in. Dusty phoned my mom to come over, it was time. And like I say it was dinner time and my parents were just ordering their food. They said they would be over shortly. I had hesitated about going in but I am glad we decided to go in because the contractions really picked up and were lasting longer.
We arrived at the hospital at 6pm. The front desk started to ask me questions but then ended up asking Dusty and having him sign the papers. A good sign to me because just maybe I was farther along then 4cm (what I have always been in with all the other kids)since I was having trouble focusing. They also didn't mess around on getting us to our room either. Once we were there the nurse asked me and Dusty all sorts of questions and then finally examed me and I was 6 cm!!! And then as the other nurse was starting my IV I started to shake and she called the doctor to do an exam and I was 7cm!!! Wow it went quick. But then I started to feel it in my back so I got out of bed and layed against my ball again, rocked back and forth. I started to feel more pressure so the nurse had the doctor check but I was still just at 7cm. But after that the contractions started to really be effective and causing more pressure. I decided that I needed to go to the bathroom and sat on the toilet through 2 or 3 contractions and then the pressure really started to grow. The nurse asked what I wanted to do I said I wanted to stand by the bed and when I did that the pressure was really there. I didn't want to get back in the bed but the doctor wanted to check. So somehow I managed to get back and the doctor checked. She said I was 8 cm. After that exam I just stayed in the bed. And with every contraction I would notice that the pressure just grew and grew and finally I felt like I had to push. The doctor checked once more but I pulled her hands away and said no more. She said I had a little bit more cervix left but that I could push through that. So when the next contraction started I pushed and it all became so intense. Then after a couple of contractions baby was born! At that point I couldn't believe that I did it all natural---no pitocin, no IV drugs, no epidural. It was all me!!! And I had just given birth to a baby boy! It was so amazing that words just can't describe. It was truly amazing.
He weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz. He was 18.5 inches long. And his head was 14 inches. He was just so perfect to me. And Dusty was a wonderful coach! I couldn't have done it without him.

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