Thursday, July 19, 2012

Physical Therapy

I went for an evaluation on Tuesday July 17th.  It was just really to get measurements to see where I am at so that a plan can be made to fit me!

But my first session of therapy was Thursday, today July 19th.  I was very ready and excited for this.  I think I talked so much that the therapist must have thought me nuts.  I just was so excited.  I also learned that I am weak.  Yes I can walk but wow what I thought was simple exercises turned out to be a struggle for me.  I really had to concentrate on one especially.  I was to lay on my back and turn my foot out slightly and then raise it.  I had to really focus and even though I wasn't even sure how I was going to accomplish 10 of these.  But I did and then had to repeat on the other side. 

At the end of the session I got to try the recumbent bike.  Immediately I was instructed to focus on keeping my knees aligned with my hips, which for me my knees tend to go inwards when I ride a bike.  I was told this prevents wear and tear.  Very interesting and very good to know!  My left did good but my right really wanted to fall inwards so I had to pay attention.

Much work is ahead but I am ready.

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  1. Your PT experience sounds a lot like mine did several weeks ago. My knees also want to press inward, which makes many exercises (and stretches) difficult. Glad I found your blog! :)