Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Forgiving Hurt

If we ask to know God's ways, we must be prepared to take on those ways---even to forgiving those who offend us time without number.

This is something I am trying very hard to do---forgiving many of those who have greatly hurt me.  I can forgive but what is hard and difficult is that the hurt and pain is still there.  And this is where I find I struggle.  I am not sure how to heal with the hurt and pain.  It isn't like I can just place a bandaid on it and go about my merry little way.  Because these hurts and pains continue to be reopened from the same offenses that I am trying to heal. 

I do find myself in prayer quite frequently to help heal.  It could be looked at God's superglue holding my wounds together.  Ok that was odd.  But I really do find I need to turn to God and ask for His forgiveness and then forgives those I have hurt. 

It is hard when others have hurt me and more then once through their actions or words, both, or even by doing nothing---just depends on the situation.  I am learning that sometimes I just need to focus on what is right in front me.

One thing I can do is pray for those I find difficult to love.  As this is the best way to love them is through prayer.  Yes despite what hurt may have been done, I can pray. 

In difficult situations, I must turn to You my Lord and my God and know I am never alone.  You are always with me through it all.  

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