Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah.

Yes 6 years ago I gave birth to our sweet and sensitive Hannah Rose. Yesterday she and her daddy made chocolate cookies so she could bring birthday treats to school. She came home so proud and told me that her teacher loved them. It was really cute to watch them interact like that. Usually this is a mommy and daughter thing but mommy just doesn't feel good right now. Emma even helped. She would spoon out some cookie dough and ask daddy if she lick her finger. He would say no but drop it on the pan like this. So she would. Then she would get more dough and ask again. Yes the repeat question. Isn't it fun! But it was great for him to do this with the Hannah.
I made her a chocolate sheet cake today and added some pink and purple sprinles on top. We sang her Happy Birthday and she blew her candles out. Big sister Arianna wanted to be playful and add some trick candles. So we did. Hannah kept blowing them out. Emma even tried blowing the candle out. Brady wanted to blow but then it went out on its own so he was a bit upset but he will get his day in July.
Our sweet, sensitive Hannah Rose. We love you! Happy 6th Birthday!!!

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