Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweet and Salty

Busy busy day of running around and getting kids where they needed to go. But now it is time to sit down relax and watch a movie,Tron, all while enjoying a sweet tea that hubby surprised me with! Now I need to decide popcorn or chocolate chip cookie, maybe both will just have to do. A little sweet and salty.
Tomorrow I need to work on a list of things to get done before we leave for the preop and surgery. Time is really flying by.


  1. I'm getting so excited for you Katie! I can't believe it's almost here!! You and Jill will be in the hospital close to the same time for your hip and her shoulder, did you know that? She'll be coming in at the tail end of your stay, maybe you'll see each other! I'm so glad that the journey to pain free hips is finally coming down the stretch. You deserve to have good, functional hips to enjoy your family. Love the new pictures too! Love you girl!

  2. The closer it gets the more I am ready. I will admit I still am scared but I do have an overall calm that I can do this and I will. It is all going to be worth it. I am very determined to make the best of it all.
    I am also excited that I will hopefully be able to meet Jill. To actually meet someone who has gone down this path and is all thumbs up for it will be so wonderful!
    We got a new computer downstairs and Dusty put all our pictures on it. It is much faster and better. So I decided that I would switch the pictures finally. It takes awhile to get it all done but I am trying.
    Bug hugs and lots of love!