Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Left Hip

I have been overall very satisfied with LPAO. It will never be perfect. I can say that I am able to walk without it giving out. This to me is wonderful. I no longer have horrible left hip pain, just the right now which is soon to be fixed up!
I have NOT been to physical therapy here in town. I was given a referral to Wesley Rehab. to go 2-3 times a week over 4 weeks. I really dislike excuses but once school started back in for the older kids, scheduling surgery, soccer practices, and just finding daycare for the 3 younger ones. I just decided to wait until after I have my RPAO. It will work out. Dusty will get a new round of vacation and leave so that will be HUGE help. I do on occasion do the exercises I was sent home with from my 12 week postop appt. The only one I still struggle with is the one leg drop. My left just won't go. That muscle or whatever it is just is stubborn.
Which brings me to now. The groin is giving me issues. Not all the time. But when it does, I have trouble leading with my left up stairs. It is almost like it just doesn't want to lift. Other times I can dart up no thinking involved. I do have trouble lifting the leg close to me to put on my sock. It seems to be a very weak muscle. I have great confidence that the left will carry me through the RPAO but will definitely need some PT with the right hip.
The screws most days are fine. But when they want to be noticed they do!!! Just yesterday I was wearing my jacket around my waist and the little weight around my waist was very irritating on the screws. It must be time to say goodbye to those.
Sometimes when I sit too long my left will get stiff. I am still adjusting to the new adjustment but I am very happy that it is stable and I can walk without horrible pain!

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