Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beginning of My Story

I have been diagnosed with having Congenital Hip Dysplasia. I have had this since birth. But to get to the diagnosis wasn't so easy.
I can remember in high school my right hip bothering me. I don't know why. I assumed it was because I had what my dad had. I never looked into until the year 2000. Why? Because my right hip was really starting to hurt more. A couple of my close friends would ask if I hurt myself because I would limp. Sometimes I would notice it other times I felt "normal" even though I know I didn't ever walk normal. Which made me feel a little out of place. But I didn't let me get down much. Anyway in 2000 I went to see my primary care doctor (pcp) and he ordered an MRI and X-rays of my hips. And then referred me to an adult orthopedic specialists. He looked at both and explained what he could do. But at the end of the consultation he didn't feel comfortable doing anything so he then referred me on to a pediatric ortho. specialists. He then said I had multiple epipyseal dysplasia and I could take celebrex for the pain but that I was to young for hip surgery (THR). Well at the time I was breastfeeding and couldn't take that either. So I left his office figuring there was nothing else to do and left it at that.
Which brings us to now. While I was pregnant with our 5th child, I noticed that my right hip would on occasion feel like it was just going to give out. I blamed it on being pregnant. But after I had her, I noticed that it didn't go away and that I was having that feeling more often. My right hip pain was on and off. But somedays when it hurt IT HURT! So I called my PCP and he took some more x rays. This time he noticed that I had a decrease in cartilage which he found rare because I was so young (only 28). He referred me to a different ortho (the other left the state to practice elsewhere). This doctor actually gave me a more detailed diagnosis of acetabular dysplasia secondary to arthritis and that BOTH hips are affected and that lefty is worse than grumpy righty. He then went over non surgical and surgical options with me. A periacetabular osteomony is the procedure to correct my hips, meaning they cut my hip bone in three spots and rotate it to give the femur head the correct coverage. But he said that the closest doctor is in St. Louis. Let my tell you that I left that appt. stone faced. I didn't know what to think. I mean at least now I know that I am not wierd and that this was all in my head but wow cut my bones in three spots and on top of that have to travel out of state for this. So I left that appt. went home and researched the surgery. I decided that I needed to meet at least a couple of surgeons who actually do the surgery. This would really help me out because they would give me the best info. And that is what I did. My doctor here in town recommended a Clohisy, another name (can't recall) and then any doc at the Mayo Clinic. Clohisy wasn't covered by our insurance and either was the other doc. But the Mayo Clinic was. I called them and gave them all my info. And then after that all I had to do was wait for an appt. And I will stop here and post that on a new section.

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