Friday, January 15, 2010

A Little Forgetful

As I have written in my first blog, I thought that it was in 2000 when I first went seeking info. and on top of that I thought it was my right hip bothering me more. Well yesterday, after dropping my oldest daughter off at dance, we rushed back to the other side of town to pickup some more office notes about my very first visit with the ortho. so I could fax to the doctor in Boston. On the way home I was reading through the reports, it was interesting to have my memory jogged like that. I thought I would remember my visits. But I didn't as well as I thought. First it was actually my left hip bothering more at the time. And when my mother and I went to see the two doctors, the first doctor, I guess, mentioned something about the procedure, which I can really only remember something about bone and surgery and correcting the problem to make me feel better. I honestly can't recall much except he was referring us the ped. ortho. doc. And what i remember from that visit was he thought I had multiple epipyseal dysplasia, wanted x rays of my knees and I couldn't take celebrex. But after reading his notes he wanted my knees x rayed to confirm his diagnosis. I never did get those x rays because I must have started back to school and just got busy. And plus there wasn't anything that could be done or that is what came across to me at the time. And now for the the really funny forgetful part...I didn't see these doctors in 2000 but 2002. How does one forget something like that. I have no idea. But let me clue you, it is embarrassing. And I have been thinking a lot about this forgetting and sort of came to conclusion, that I must deal with the present and deal with the hurt as it happens and then get on with my life once I feel "normal". I must admit that reading the office notes is kind of interesting. Now that I am up to date with the correct facts i feel a bit goofy for forgetting. I suppose this scenario could be something like having morning sickness that lasts for the first 5 months of pregnancy or giving birth naturally without an epidural, and then forgetting about it and doing it all over again.


  1. Katie, I am so excited to follow your story. We sound so similar! I have 4 kids. I noticed you commented on my blog so we will have to support each other through this. It is a crazy diagnosis and ordeal to go through. Do you have hip dysplasia in both hips? How old are your kids. Are you done having kids? I ask because I still question whether or not I am done and it is difficult coming to terms with everything. Look forward to hearing more from you!

  2. Julie,
    I love following current blogs. I really relate to yours. And it just gives such great hopes that I can do this. I do have the dysplasia in both hips. What is crazy is that my right has been giving me the problem, until just recently and now it is both. But my left hip is the worse one. Some docs. say the left femoral head is a little flat others say no it is still round. I have 4 girls and one boy. The boy is the second oldest. And the ages range from 10, 8, 5, 3, and 1. My husband wouldn't mind one more. I want at least one more or just leaving it in God's hands. I don't like calling it quits. I also love having them close together so this surgery just comes at such in appropriate time. But I want to do the surgery first, that is if an "oops" doesn't occur. But with all of kids, none have ever been planned. I am praying for you during your recovery and that it may be quick and uncomplicated. For now though take it easy.