Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mayo Clinic Consultation

It didn't take long at all once I received an appt. for Nov. 30,2009. I must admit that traveling to Minnesota was going to be mini vacation. We left (husband, youngest two kids, and my parents) early Sunday morning, around 230 am. We left that early so that we could hopefully arrive there by 100 pm to shop at the Mall of America, which by the way is the 3rd largest mall in the world the other two being in Japan and Canada. And it was HUGE! There was even an indoor amusement park. I did get a new American Girl doll out of it all (Felicity). But enough about shopping and on to the consultation now.
I had to checking with admissions at 1130 am on Monday. This was to make sure that they had all the info. they needed, which they did. So then we had time to spare before I had to go to get my hips xrayed. To waste time me and hubby went to go get icecream at DQ. Yum. I nice treat before meeting with the Doc. After prolonging icecream for as long as possible, we went to the xray dept. And they gave me a pager that beeped when it was our turn. While waiting for that they had in the center of dept. computers, tv, brochures, etc. Kind of cool. My pager didn't take long. We had to wait in a little room until the patient ahead of me was done. They had a small tv in that room. And I believe we watched the disney channel. I guess that could be because that is the channel the kids watch at home. And they have funny shows. Any way once it was my time, the tech. took 5 different poses. Looked at them to make sure they were good, which they were. And then we waited again with the pager. That didn't take long either before it went off. I met at first with a Dr. Sisco. He looked at the x rays asked some questions, had me walk and did some different range of motions (rom). He then asked if we were going to be in town for another day, which we weren't but we could make it happen if need be. So he stepped out to see what he could do.
Before I knew it we then seeing another doctor. This time a Dr. Sierra. Again we received another pager. But again we didn't have to wait long. This time his PA or resident, not sure which, came in and asked me some questions. Left and then Dr. Sierra, his PA/resident, and and intern came in, all young too. Dr. Sierra did also some ROM with my hips and had me walk. He aked if that is how i always walked. He said I had dysplasia and that he gave me no longer than 2 yrs. He said that I am too young for THR and that if I wait too long to do the PAO there is a chance then it won't work. He also said that there was no guarantee that in the future I wouldn't need a THR. I asked where the scar would be. And he kindly took my pen and drew it on me. Yes I dread the thought on a scar. I mean I have had 5 kids and no stretch marks. So the idea of a scar is terrifying. I feel like it would bother me to look into the mirror and have that self image make me sad. But anyway I can talk about that later. We did ask how long he is booked out for surgery and at that time it was Feb. So after the consultation we met up with my parents in the lobby. I explained a little about what I was told to them. And then we walked to the car and left for the 9 hr. trip home.
On the car ride home I talked about the consultation. My dad was hesitant about cutting of the bones and at that time was pretty darn unsure, even though in the end it is my choice. I then also became really sad and fought off the tears because I was hoping the doctor would say I could wait for a while but he didn't. And as crazy as this sounds I actually do want more kids. And I love them close. They keep busy but it is worth it. I just loving being a mommy. It is something I feel like I am good at. Anyway, I was sad because I was hoping that we could have another baby before having to do the surgery. But I knew deep down inside me that I needed to do the surgery first and then think about more children. As a mother I need to be able to keep up them and I sure don't like that feeling of my hip giving out. Oh and before I forget both doctors said to get the kids x rayed. One said all the other said the girls since this is more common is girls.
After the consultation and the long ride home I just felt confused and overwhelmed. I didn't know what to do. I guess part of me felt disappointed and I don't know why.

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