Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To PAO or Not to PAO- That is the Question

After the consultation, my husband found this wonderful support group on yahoo- hipwomen. If anyone is ever diagnosed with hip dysplasia I highly recommended this groups. The women on there are terrific and so very supportive. At first I felt funny postings a comment but once I did I received some many responses from the groups all so heart warming.
I knew that I still wanted to meet another surgeon. This just gives a chance to see who I feel the most comfortable with. That entire week after the consultation, I was on the computer researching everything I could find about the surgery and recovery, worse case scenarios, etc. I did come across the blog about a lady who was actually currently going through the process. She had her first surgery done in March 2009 and her second in November 2009 by a Dr. Millis in Boston. I thought that was amazing to read an actaul story and that really helped me out mentally to know that it really does work. And still to this day I find following other blogs have helped me out the most in deciding what to do. I believe that the PAO is the answer. Because if I don't do it I am only going to get worse and fast where as the surgery could at least postpone it or better yet be lifetime. I personally am hoping for the latter but either will do. Just the thought of my right hip feeling like it is going to give out makes me happy.
So my other problem ended up being is that I still wanted to meet with one more doctor. And I asked others on yahoo about recommendations. Dr. Millis was mentioned. So I thought I would research him. And I found positive comments on him. He has also done 800 plus PAO's. That to me was making me want to see him. I mean if I am going to travel by golly I want a terrific surgeon and I will find him. So while doing research I came across two more blogs and can you guess... Dr. Millis was their surgeon. Wow this doctor seems to be pretty darn amazing but I should see him.
And that is where I am at now sending my x rays to him to have him review. I am hoping that I do hear back from him. He just seems to be amazing. And to me that would mean a lot to me, especially since I must wait to have another baby.

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