Sunday, April 18, 2010

Search and Find

Saturday I went out garage saling. The little town we live in had their annual city wide garage sale. So that meant a very busy neighborhood. I was included in that crowd. I was on a mission but I didn't get out as early as planned. Some dilemnas occurred that set me back. One was Hannah got into the rice krispy cereal in her room. There was krispies on her bed, floor, and hallway. ARGH. Then Hannah wouldn't get dressed. But finally we did make it out the door and about that time, my mom showed up and she walked with us. We headed down one of the circle streets first and immediately found this hardly used green radio flyer inchworm. Adorable and for a great deal. Then I found a shelf for another great deal. Exciting. As we were heading back home to drop it off, my sister called and asked where we were. I told her almost at the corner and heading home. About that time she spotted us.
Mom decided to stay behind and watch the little ones. So then we headed back out in search of a used crib. Mine is coming apart on the bottom. I also was looking for an updated pack n play, shelves to put all my canned goods on in the basement, outdoor play stuff, and a dresser. I was unsuccessful in finding any of these. I found a beautiful bassinet but I didn't need that, I needed a crib. There was a lot of clothes but I already have an abundance of that too. It was fun. We walked from one end to the next end, down the circle streets. We did have to make another pit stop to use the bathroom. His dad showed up at that time to get Brady. Emma and Hannah went to. Thank goodness Hannah went. She was whiny when she didn't get a small trampoline or a stuffed animal. I told her that she had a big trampoline out back but that didn't satify her. She was just in her mood. Once returning home I noticed that my back was really stiff and I could hardly sit down. And then when I stood up to go for round three, my hips were stiff and locking up. But it wasn't going to stop me. I was on a mission.
So round three didn't lead me to find any of the items I was in search to find. But I did find some beautiful old hankies. They had such beautiful embroidery work on them. They reminded me of my grandmas' that she had. I have only one that I carried when I got married. But I bought 3 sets of 5 a piece. I also bought a freezer bag size of hem tape, and bias tape- all of multicolors. Very useful to me since I sew and bias tape alone can cost $2.00 for one package. So yes very worth it. Ok that stuff may have not been on the list but hey why pass on something for yourself and at a bargain price. It made me feel good. Well we returned back home. Sarah and her little boy left and she took Arianna with her and headed off to the zoo. I asked mom if she would take me to the older neighborhood across the stoplight. She did. And I didn't even look at the time to see how much time I had before the kids would be returning from Brady's soccer game. I didn't check my email to see if the dance teacher had written me back about the days Arianna dances in the recital. I was focused on two things. Looking for my items and now not getting sick. But nothing was going to stop me. Well his dad called me and I told my mom we have to hurry home, I forgot about the kids and time. So we hurried through the mess of cars. Dusty was mad because I wasn't home. His dad asked me the days to get tickets for Arianna's recital and how many to get. I didn't have any answers. I was to wrapped up in my search and find quest. So I asked him to call Dusty and ask him. So me and mom headed back out because there was this one house that had a lot of furniture and I wanted to go back there. But then Dusty called and told me to go home and check my email NOW. So I did but nothing. So I called the studio. And the lady on the phone told me the days she was to perform. So I headed back out to the car to go look but as my mom started off I changed my mind. I felt so sick. She asked if I wanted lunch for the kids and I told her that was fine. But I fought the sickness the whole time. I was mad and frustrated. I never did get to that house. So who knows. But there will be more garage sales. So I haven't given up yet.
My hip held up but later that day I couldn't hardly move. I was stiff and sore. I really just wanted to cry. This what I didn't want to feel like. I just want to be able to go walking without wondering, am I going to hurt. Will I be able to move. I can't sleep either. I am feeling sick, frustrated, and I hurt. I don't want to take tylenol for it only to come back up. And tylenol burns coming back. I am feeling overwhelmed, emotional, and disappointed

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  1. I'm so sorry honey!! You are going through so much!! 5 kids to take care of when your hips are NOT an issue is hard enough, but throw in your hips, AND being pregnant... you are such a strong woman! I could never last in your situation... I don't even have any kids to take care of, just myself, and i'm going crazy with my hips... stay strong lady! We're all here for you!! I really wish that your husband was more supportive for you! :( We love you girl! and I hope you find that crib soon. <3 xoxoxoxo