Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break

Chocolate makes me feel at peace. Unfortunately it really does nothing for the post baby belly fat. But hey when all else is failing I no that I can rely on a yummy piece of chocolate to lift my spirits.
I am having keeping my pain at a tolerable level. I am currently trying meloxicam (mobic) 15mg to help alleviate the hip pain. It works some days and other days it I wouldn't even know I had taken anything. I don't understand it. But then again I don't really understand why hip dysplasia makes one hurt so bad either. All I know is that is just does.
On a positive note, Sarah from the American Red Cross called me back and told me how terrible she felt for having us prepay to have both units of blood shipped. She didn't understand why the hospital wouldn't just let her forward the charges. So she got her manage involved. They did get it all figured out which is very good news to my ears. We won't have to prepay. I just wanted to reach through the phone and give her a big bear hug. It just means so much to me that she went that extra mile.
The kids are on spring break this week. I have had them playing outside and taking advantage of the windy warm sunny weather. I did have Brady and Hannah at the doctor. Brady had strep throat and Hannah had a bladder infection. Poor kids what a way to start their break. But at least it was early in week. We did get some popsicles from the icecream truck. Talk about pricey $2.50 for one fancy tweety bird. But oh well it was fun for them.

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