Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Surgery Day

Monday 11/7

Dusty met me back at the hotel by 515 am to help gather up my bag and walk me to the hospital. It was a chilly walk but it was once again so nice to walk.

As I walked through the entrance and up to admitting, I was calm and ready. I checked in and my ID bracelet was placed on my wrist. I then had to leave a urine sample to check for a chance of pregnancy, which I knew I wasn't! I then was called back by the nurse to answer a few questions and get my blood pressure and temperature checked.

I didn't have to wait long to be called up to the preop holding area. And the guy that called my daughter also called me. Too funny!

I didn't have the same preop holding nurse as Arianna did. I actually had the same nurse when I had my left hip done. And I had the same OR nurse Arianna did which was the same nurse for my left hip.

Anesthesia came in, Dr. Millis came in to initial both my hips. He asked if I would like a catheter that is placed directly into the hip joint for pain relief instead of the epidural. But I was worried that I would hurt so he just said we would go with the epidural. They couldn't find the consent form I had signed. Dr. Millis said "shit it was back in his office."He said to go ahead and wheel me back and he would run over to get it. My IV was placed and some medication for anxiety was given through it. And almost immediately I said "I felt funny in the head". It worked fast. A patch was placed behind my ear too so that I wouldn't wake up and get sick. So I gave Dusty a kiss and handed off my glasses.

I was wheeled back to the OR and moved over the OR table. I was told to turn to my side and the epidural was placed. Then I rolled back over and anesthesia said something about go ahead and give her more then I was out.

I awoke and didn't get sick!!! I don't remember much in the recovery room. Oxygen was blowing in my face. I did feel pain on both sides so I associated it with incision pain since I had the left hip screws removed. It was just at the top of the hip and it felt like a burning feeling. It wasn't horrible just more uncomfortable.

I was brought up to my room and said Hi to Arianna. I had the window view which was nice. But I did sleep alot so not really sure what Arianna did with PT.

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