Wednesday, July 6, 2011

12 Week Followup Scheduled

Yesterday I scheduled my 12 week post of follow up with Dr. Millis. It is Tuesday July 26th at 1045am. I do plan on asking about the right hip and scheduling that surgery.
We decided that we would drive and turn it into a family trip. Yes we will be bringing the kiddos. They are all very excited! So am I. I wasn't even sure if any of the grandparents would be able to get off so I didn't even bother to ask. Plus this was something Dusty and I have talked about since I had the surgery. We thought it would be a really great trip! As long as I have food, movies, and their ipods the car ride should go smoothly.
Now we just need to decided what we want to do. The options at this point include, Statue of Liberty, Six Flags, baseball game. We just need to decide. But I am ready for this get away!

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