Monday, February 8, 2010

Confirmation Notice

Today I just received an email confirmation notice from Sharelle. It gave directions of where I am to go the day of the appt. Also last night we bought our plane tickets for the appt. We leave Wednesday morning and get into Boston by afternoon. Before the appt. I have to call to make sure all my insurance info. is in the computer. I go to Waltham to get the MRI. I am to be there by 845am and they will do the MRI at 9. Then we head back to Children's Hospital in Boston for the appt. with the doctor at 1130. But we are to arrive 30 minutes early and get some extra xrays of my hips. I have also been instructed to bring my own shorts without snaps/buttons. This will be good because my appt. at the Mayo Clinic I had to wear their shorts which were an XL, way to big for me. Any way I am excited for this appt. I just can't wait.

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