Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What A Day

Time really does fly. Two more weeks and I will be in Boston meeting with Dr. Millis. Today while I was signing papers for the kids, my 3 year old was busy too. After signing the papers I went to put something away in the kids bathroom. I always keep the door closed so the baby doesn't go in there and start to fish in toilet bowl. Well, I caught Emma the 3 year old attempting to wash her hair in the toilet. Seriously what is the deal with the toilet. It is GROSS! To make matters worse, I got upset with my husband and after he left to take our son to his boy scout meeting. I started to clean up from dinner. I was upset and didn't watch where I was stepping or notice the spilled milk on the floor. So I was going to clear the table and slipped on the milk that the baby had spilled when she was on the table and fell down. I landed on my thumb. And now it hurts. I think I just more overstreched it or bent it a little too far. But it still hurts. I couldn't find the phone either. I tried paging it but I had turned it off while the babies were napping today and didn't turn it back on. So that didn't help when I pushed the page button. And of course it has been a day where when I woke up my right hip hurt and immediately began doing that strange giving out feeling. And it has been doing it on and off all day. And when I was getting into the car to get the kids from school my left hip pulled and it hurt. But thank goodness the hurt went away. I can't say much for the right. It still is giving out and hurting. Then throw in the thumb hurt. He shouldn't have left me upset. I must admit that he did come home and apologize. That means alot to me and makes me feel loved. Now it is time to sit down, watch a little T.V., and relax a bit before bed.

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