Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I decided that I would go swimming today. My right hip is really hurting today to the point to where when I walk it is turning in. So I thought why not put the YMCA membership to good use and swim and put the babies in the kid care center. It went so much better in my head. My mom went with me because she wanted to do some excerises. She hurt herself by running into a tree ( long story) but hasn't been able to drive for about the last four weeks so I picked her up and we went to her Y (the old people Y). So I drop of the babies and head for the women locker room to drop off my stuff. The water felt so good and I didn't feel my hips hurting. All I could feel was my left hip grinding/popping "snap crackle pop" a bit while moving my legs. Then this old lady came up to me telling me about her arthritis and that I was barely coming above the water. My mom just spoke right up and said yes she also has 5 kids. The lady looked at me funny and then said that we weren't exercising enough. Whatever. I just went about my swimming for another 25 minutes. As I was getting out I hear my name being paged overhead and to come to the kid care center. So I hurry and grab towel and head there. And it was the youngest Paylynn. I left Emma so I could go change but my stuff was still in the (18 and older) womens dressing room. I went in there to get my stuff with the baby and that darn old lady came right up to me telling me that kids are not to be in here. I tried to explain why she was here. SO I felt uncomfortable and took my belongings to go and change in the girls locker room but once I got there I realized that I left my pants and top in the other locker room. So I headed back there to get it. I thought my 15 month daughter doesn't care if there are naked people. She doesn't know the difference. I was a little upset and frustrated by this time and to make it worse my right hip just was hurting so very bad. I didn't get to shower so I had chlorine smell in my hair and skin. I got dressed and went to pick up Emma and left frustrated. That old lady probably thought she was old and knew it all because she was old and had arthritis and I was young and didn't have a clue. Well little does she know. Now I don't get a shower because I have to go and get the kids from school, run my oldest out to dance, come home and fix dinner. All I want is feel better. And now I have headache from the smell of the chlorine.

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