Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hips Behave Now

Today has been a not so good day. The hips weren't behaving today. It mostly started from when I was stepping into the shower and my right hip decided that it was going to do the wierd giving way feeling. It made me say a few choice words. I don't like it when it does this. I just want to yell out when it does this. It is an eye popping pain. And it just so happened that it wasn't going to feel better afterwards like it sometimes will. So all day that has meant whiny hips. My left has just been more aching but bad enough to where I am finding it hard to deal with it. I did give in and take something for it.
It has also been day where the babies have been one step ahead of me today. Never a good thing. I finally laid them down for a nap at around 1pm. And they were sleeping so soundly until I had to wake them up at 245pm to go get the kids from school. I even laid down for about 30-35 minutes myself only because I have been hurting more than usual today.
The hubby was great today. He took me an bought me chocolate custard icecream from Freddy's. And to make it even better we had a coupon for $0.85. It made the deal even sweeter because we didn't have to spend much to get a treat. Oh yes, I must mention that the things we do for our kids. My husband had the day off yesterday and so he decided that he was going to do a scavenger hunt to try and win 4 front row tickets for Sesame Street Live so he could take a 3 year old too. Clues came hourly beginning at 9 am and the last one ws at 1pm. The first to arrive at the arena then would tickets. And they also were giving away 2d and 3rd place prizes as well. The first clue came at 9 and it was to find a yellow feather. The 2nd clue was find a rubber ducky. 3rd was take a picture of yourself standing in a trash can. 4th find a stuffed Elmo. And so I told him that the last one was going to have do with Cookie Monster. He is the only other character that is pretty big. And I thought probably would need a chocolate chip cookie. So we took a chance and headed down to the arena with everything. So when the last clue was given, you did need a cookie but also sing C is for Cookie. He didn't know the song and wanted me to go inside but I saw a guy getting out of the car and told him to go and run. So here are these two grown men running inside with Elmo dolls. It was a sight to see but to make it even better the "judge" video taped the 3 winners singing the song. He didn't win first but did win 2nd. I guess a lady had parked on the street and had a short distance to run. But 2nd wasn't bad. We did get two tickets and bought two more. One for me and our 5 year old. They aren't front row either but you know what that is ok.
Hoping for the hips to be a little less tempermental tomorrow.

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