Friday, February 26, 2010

Day After Swimming

Yesterday was just an all around not a very good day. After swimming I mentioned getting a headache but didn't think it was going to turn into a migrain. Sometimes when I go swimming indoors I get headaches from the chlorine smell. I don't know why but I have done that since I can remember ever swimming in an indoor pool. Since my mom is out of commission and still not driving due to her clumsy running into a tree incident, I had to go pick up the kids from school. I got there early and parked in my usual space and turned on a movie for the 3 year old Emma. And then I had to lay down to close my eyes so that I wouldn't puke from my headache. My kindergarten got into the car just ready to talk talk talk. I had to tell her to shhh because mommy had a headache. THen my fourth grader got into the car ready to talk talk talk. I had to tell her shhh mommy had a headache. THen my son a 2nd grader got into the car and about that time I heard a tap tap tap on my window. And standing there was one of the kindergarten teachers and a concerned parent. THey just wanted to make sure everything was ok because I had my head down for such a long time.(I was embarrased but so glad somebody cared that means a lot to me.) I said yes that I just had a really bad headache. And smiled. I can usually seem to pull out a smile even when I am hurting. That is just me. I took that kids home and by then the medicine that I had taken was finally starting to take effect and I wasn't feeling as bad. At least I didn't puke and have that feeling anymore. I got my oldest ready for dance and drove her out there and then came back to fix dinner. So this morning when I awoke that snap crackle and pop that I heard and felt yesterday was apparent today because now lefty is hurting and "giving out". But at least I don't have a headache. Also since I went swimming yesterday it messed up what I typicall do during the day-laundry, housework, etc. So when everyone awoke, my son was asking for his school pants, my oldest daughter her uniform, my kindergarten was asking why mommy didn't have her uniform laying out on her bed, even my hubby had to search to find his belt because I didn't hang it up for him. What are they going to do when mommy is out of commission. I don't know. Everything just falls apart. My hubby tried to play it off like it was my fault because I can't manage the house and workout at the same time. But oh well I just enjoyed the pool so much even though it came with sacrifices.

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