Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Bit About Boston

I made it flying. Of course I did have help with some medicine. I must say that Boston is a bit tricky getting around. It has also been windy, cold, and snow flurries on and off. I do love the accents. Some are richer than others. But I just love it. We did go to a Mike's Pastry shop and bought 3 cannolis and one oreo cheesecake. We ate two of the cannolis and saved the rest for the hotel. THey were YUMMY! But who doesn't like sweets. My hubby saw his Fenway park and took pictures. We also ate at TGI Fridays. But that was more because I really had to go use the bathroom. He kept telling me just 5 minutes. But I couldn't wait that long. I had to go. So he pulled into a public parking and paid $17.00. So nobody in Wichita better complain again about parking costs. We then drove around to make sure we knew where we were going for tomorrows appt. The MRI is Waltham's Children's Hospital Boston and then we drive back to Boston and get x rays and meet the doctor at Children's Hospital Boston. I am ready for this. I am also tired and exhausted from traveling. So early to bed tonight for an early morning tomorrow. I will then update again about what I find out at the appt. But I just had to let everyone know about today. My hips also were cooperative! I was so proud of them. But of course they would be because we are seeing the doctor and it seems then like all of sudden the pain is gone. Crazy of why that is. I did notice a few things here in Boston---A lot of people walk to get where they are going, people park almost bumper to bumper (did see some cars with dents in their bumpers-just chuckled at that), and bikers ride in the street not on the sidewalk. Just different that what I am used to back in Kansas. But otherwise it has been nice. And now just have until tomorrow to meet Dr. Millis.

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