Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Practicing Patience...Again

My husband keeps telling me to be patient and wait. He keeps telling me that I will hear back about surgery dates, I just need to be patient. Obviously this is something I am not doing so well. I don't want to be annoying and be a bother to the doctor or surgery coordinator. All I want is to know when I can do the surgery. But this is good for me to practice patience. Ok no it isn't. It just makes me grumpy. And it doesn't help that Emma and Paylynn (the youngest two) are sick with a really bad cold, fever, and cough. And then when I take them into the doctor, all I get is there is no medicine to give for the cough because they are too young. But to use warm water with lemon or honey in it, use a humidifier, and tylenol/advil for the fever. And wait for it to pass. But otherwise just wait until it is gone. Those words are sooooo much easier coming out of the mouth than to actually do, wait for it to pass. So all this waiting is really testing my patience. It is just isn't getting to me because my husband came home yesterday and was a grizzly bear. So I couldn't be grouchy too. But I rubbed his back last night which now today he can come home in a much better mood. Oh yes and it probably didn't help that while we were at Walmart yesterday checking out, a lady came up to me and said it was wonderful all my children and that she had 8 or came from a family of 8. But she also mentioned how her husband was a letter carrier and works at the same station my husbands dad works out. She also said that we should have at least two more. So that probably didn't help his mood. He said she didn't need to encourage me. Hopefully today he will be better. Well once I hear something everyone will know. But until then I will just have to wait and practice patience.

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