Sunday, March 14, 2010

Consultation Appt.

I didn't even realize that I didn't mention anything about what I experienced on Thursday March 4, 2010. I had to be in Waltham, MA at 845 am for my MRI. I had only had one once before but I didn't really remember much. I wasn't really nervous. I just get the fear of the unknown. But somehow I always get through it all. So the day before we drove around finding where we needed to go. So on Thursday, we had an idea of where we were going.
Thursday morning came fast. We got to the Children's Hospital Boston in Waltham on time. We walked through the front doors but weren't sure where to go. We asked at the front desk and they instructed us to go right and then left at the Radiology sign. Easy. And we found it. I checked in and had to fill out a paper and answer a few questions of medication that I was currently taking. Then I waited to be called. While I was waiting I noticed that the walls were colorful. I also saw a small fish tank. I was then called back. We went back to a room and the nurse asked which arm I preferred. I just showed her both. And she picked that right arm. She disinfected the area where she was going to stick the needle. And she was using a butterfly needle. I was excited because that is a tiny needle compared to what I usually get stuck with. I didn't even feel the needle or the dye being injected. Once it was done I had to walk around for 20 minutes in the waiting room. I noticed that there was another fish tank. It must have been based on Finding Nemo. The fish were really pretty and the water was so clear. It was a great distraction. And I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea if more hospitals made it more welcoming. It would make it more cheerful. I mean what can go wrong with colorful walls, fish tanks, and butterflies on the wall. I was also to get x rays done while we waited for the dye to work its way into the hip. But 20 minutes came and I was never called for x rays so I had to wait until after the MRI.
I went back to the room. And I was to take off my glasses. I couldn't see anything but big blurs. I laid down. And she taped my feet so they wouldn't move during the MRI. They want you to lay very still. She then placed this gray thing over my right hip. It was a little heavy but tolerable. Then she placed headphones on. Then I was slid into the tube with a little bit of my head sticking out. She then asked how the volume was and it was good. I could hear the music. Then she said we would get started and that it would last approximately 40 minutes. Ok I can do this. I can lay flat on my back. Well I hope. And then it all began.
The sound was loud. And my music kept fading in and out. And then probably about five minutes into it I felt my back hurting. But I couldn't move. So I just laid there. As it went on I just kept feeling my back hurting more and more. And it eventually moved down my left butt side to my left hip. It was hurting so bad. And I finally had to move without moving. So I was trying to focus on something else. Then the nurse came over and told me that for the last picture I was going to be slid out part way. I knew then that I could do it but that I was already in trouble and just hoping that I would be able to sit up and get off the table. After the last picture, she came in and I told her that I would probably look like a goof because my back hurt so bad and how I wasn't a back layer. Well I got off the table allright but I must have looked like wierdo gimp. Because I was limping and hobbling out to the waiting room. She asked if I was ok and I said yes. Then she told them at the front desk that I needed to get my x rays done asap because we needed to be on our way for our appt.
They put the message in and then someone else was called back before us. And the front desk said that we were to be first. And then another lady came out and called us. I was put into some interesting "dance poses". The first two were the hardest. My hips didn't want to cooperated. But the last 3 were easier. But I did have to lay on another table. Thank goodness that a lot faster. I didn't want to take anything for the pain because I wanted to feel any discomfort with the ROMs that the doctor would do. Once we got the "all clear" with the x ray pictures. We aheaded back to Boston for the Children's Boston Hospital for my actual consultation appt., which I have mentioned the conversation.
At the appt. I had to fill out a very lengthy hip questionnaire. Some of things asked were hard to answer but I did to the best of my knowledge. I am not good at describing what I feel or how bad it feels. We called back. And I had my weight and height taken. I weighed even less from when I saw my PCP that previous Monday. I met with another doctor at first. I can't recall his name. But he was real nice. He did some ROMs with my legs. And then he looked at my MRI and xrays. Then he stepped out. We didn't wait to long and then him and Dr. Millis came in. I just had assumed that Dr. Millis would be tall but he isn't. He had me walk and then stand on my tiptoes and heels. And then he had me bend over to touch my toes. I then I hopped up on the exam table. And he did a lot of different ROMs. He also took leg measurements. He did a very thorough exam. But I have mentioned the conversation we had. So that was my experience for my consultation. I just now realized that I didn't blod about it. I guess i was a bit overwhelmed. A little late and out of order but it is all here now.

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