Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Huge Bump in the Road

Ok only for the next nine months. We are expecting a baby, number 6. I wanted another baby and wanted them close and got my wish fulfilled. It definitely left me speechless more like in tears.
On Sunday or Monday we were going to buy our plane tickets for my upcoming surgery for April 27th. And to be on the safe side, since we had fun once this month, I decided I would take a pregnancy test. Taking the test was really to make sure since I wasn't to get my period until March 29th. And I didn't want to wait until then to buy the tickets and since tickets are nonrefundable I didn't want to spend the money and we would be pregnant.
So I took the test. And as I was waiting for the test line to appear a plus sign started to showup I couldn't believe my eyes. I was still sitting on the toilet and sat back and almost fell in. So I got my husband and brought him back to our room. I told him that we don't need to order tickets. And he was like why. I said because we can't afford them. And he asked what my mom had said to me (I was on the phone with her and when I hung up I tested). I told him nothing. And then he got impatient and told me to tell him what was going on that my mom must have said something. Then he went off to the living room and continued playing his video game. I then broke out in tears and continued folding my laundry and putting it away. Finally I went out to the living room with a red nose and eyes. Dusty asked again what was going on. So I asked what he thought. Why we couldn't order plane tickets. And he said he didn't know. So I showed him the test. And he asked what that was and where it came from. I told him that he knew very well what it was and that I took it because I knew we were going to order tickets and I just wanted to play it safe by checking. And he told me to retest to make sure.
So I went to Target and bought another one. This time a Clear Blue Easy to Read Digital test. The first was an EPT. I took that one and waited for what seemed like forever for the hour glass to disappear. And then the word PREGNANT showed up. That was also the time Dusty showed up to see what it read. He couldn't believe it. He didn't know how we both could be so far off in what we thought was safe time. And believe he wasn't taking chances because "Fun time" only was happened once or twice a month. I then broke into tears. He tried his best to console me but I was really upset. I knew I wanted a baby but once I had my surgery date I felt better. I would feel sad and want a baby at times but nothing like before when I didn't have a date set.
I had even wrote out all the kids activities on the calendar that day. I made a list of who I needed to call so I could start to donate my blood. But it just goes to show how life can change in a heartbeat. And sometimes we don't understand why. But this has happened for a reason. It may not or never be clear but what is done is done. I can't change it. I just have to accept it.
Right now I am dwelling in a cloud of confusion and shock. And then add a topping of severe tiredness along with an upset stomach. I am not sure if the stomach problems are from the pregnancy or moods. But whatever is the cause, will bound to be with me now for the next 5 months. I have my first ob appt. on May 10th. We have also discussed doing surgery next March. I guess that means I will have a new group of ladies to meet and go through surgery with. I still can't figure out how we were that far off. And I am surprised that a pregnancy would even work this early. I mean it will be two weeks tomorrow since "the fun day" .
And the tests all recommend that if testing before a missed period then you should use morning urine since it would be the most concentrated. And to make it even better, I had drank a big glass of sweet tea from McDonald's so my urine was diluted. So I am most definitely pregnant. Probably better plan for twins at this point. I mean why not, it would just mean attaching a trailer to the back of the car since our expedition seats only 8 and this baby will make us a family of 8.
But what has been done can't be changed. I just have to adjust my plans. My blogs will still be about my hips but I will post also about the effect that the pregnancy has on them. I am hoping the pregnancy hormones will relax the joints to get me through. I have stopped taking the tramadol for the pain since I don't know how safe it is for the baby. And let me say that I am in pain and can a BIG difference. My left hip keeps me tossing and turning all night because it just has a deep ache that I can't get out or comfortable with.
I just now hope for a boy for Brady. Brady did say that if this baby wasn't a boy that he was going to move our FOR SURE. I just laughed. He says there are too many girls. But I can't control this one.
Things are going to look up or more like start looking into the toilet. But what is really getting me through this shock and confusion is the thought of holding the precious little bundle of joy. The words are indescribable of that moment when the baby is born
and you get to hold that tiny little miracle of life.


  1. Aww katie.... congradulations on the new baby! I know it's very unexpected and it puts a damper on your plans, but like you've said... things happen for a reason... although its not always easy to see why. And don't worry about having to meet a whole new set of Hip Chicks when its your time for surgery.... because you're still going to have all your current Hip Chicks!! Just because we might not be going through testing or surgery or recovery at the time that you are, doesn't mean that we still don't know how you feel and what you're going through.... you can always talk to us.... I know for me personally, every single Hip Chick that I have met up to this date has a piece of my heart and always will. Hang in there Katie... we're all there for you!! xoxoxo

  2. Maybe your further along than you thought?? I swear if we hadn't been trying for Savannah, I wouldn't have known until about 12 weeks cause I had bleeding episodes right around the time AF was due each month....(ended up at the doctor for U/S's..and the ER once due to it. little stinker)..


  3. Becky-
    I took one last month too before buying tickets for our consultation appt and that came back negative. I know it is wierd that I test but I do it for more of a comfort measure since I am too impatient to wait for mother nature. But she gifted me and was a typical one. So I am almost wondering if stress played a part in whole thing. Darn stress I should curse it. Look what is did. Yes I will blame stress not myself for not saying no to fun time. No like I say it does make me wonder if just maybe my cycle wasn't going to happen at an earlier day this month. But oh well nothing I can do about it. It just pushes surgery back until next year.
    I think I am having a pity fest for myself. It makes me feel better at this point. But with you and the other hip chicks facing surgery before me it will be nice to go to you all for help and advice when I go through surgery. Just right now I am waiting for the hormones to relax the hip joints that will help ease the pain. I also emailed Dr. Millis to ask for his advice on to help ease the pain since I can't take tramadol just tylenol. And I also asked him about how to keep from damaging my hips more or wearing them out. So I can't wait to hear from him.

  4. You should temp in the future ;) It's very informative...and then you know if you need to be on the look out at the end of the month. :) I know it drives a lot of people mad (Usually if their actively trying) But I enjoyed it. I'm weird that way though.

    Here's hoping it's just one so you don't need a trailer. And a boy for Brady's sake. Then again maybe a girl would be better since all your CD's are girly!!! Ruh roh!