Monday, March 15, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

This post is really more to vent my frustrations. I am the person who tries to put the smile on my face and hide what I feel on the inside. But sometimes we just need to let go because then can others truly understand our true feelings and begin to understand the truth. I am trying to be positive and so many of the women on my groups have such bad days. I just want them to feel better so I offer encouraging words but it seems the past couple of encouraging words I have offered have been overrided by negativity. Surgery isn't fun and it isn't EVER easy. But we all need to take a step back and remind our self of that but to also tell ourself that we are strong and will get through this. I mean spending a year recovery versus spending the rest of our life in chronic pain. You be the one to choose. Well like I have said previously maybe I should wait in offering advice or encouragement until I get to the other side. I just don't like to see people feeling down. And I will try to make them feel better. For instance I have my mother blaming herself for causing my hip problems. But what I really need is for her to be here for me. I need her to be the strong one so if I lose it she can be here to encourage me to get through the rough patch. And sometimes I could use the help on the really bad days. That is what I need.
On a more sunny note, I have received the packet of info regarding all the times for April 13th pre-op appt. So now I need to get everything in order. It all just seems so overwhelming but I have to remind myself that I can do this and it will all be over soon and that I will be on the road to feeling better. And to make the day a bit better the sun has come out.


  1. Katie, I always appreciate your words of encouragement!! You are a rare breed! Don't ever hold back your positivity and encouragement because that's who you are and thats whats in your heart. I know sometimes it doesnt seem like it matters or that it isn't appreciated, but it is. I at least appreciate it, and I know that a lot of other people do too! Keep up the positive thoughts girl! And the pictures of you and your babies are SOOO freaking adorable!!! So glad that you were able to finally put them up! you have a beautiful family! xoxoxoxo

  2. Omg! Your kids are gorgeous! Paylynn could be a model! :) I too appreciate all your positivity and nice words. It does help and mean something to me as well. Sure, there are days after surgery that you feel "regressed" and it pisses you off but in the long run, it absolutely is worth it! Keep being that ray of sunshine b/c your positive attitude will only make things easier for yourself when it's your turn:) xoxo

  3. Katie I will always be there for you and all my family. I would do anything I can and will do anything I can. I am always there just a phone call away.