Saturday, March 6, 2010

After Much Debating

Leaving the appt on Thursday, I just felt so disappointed and discouraged. I was really looking forward to coming home with a surgery date. Especially if I felt like I wanted Millis to do the surgery. Just meeting with him, he immediately made me feel at ease. He asked if my back hurt and showed me on my back where. I told him yes but that I just blamed it from having kids. He said that it goes with dysplasia. And then he said I was fat and needed to lose some weight. Of course he was just joking because then when I was on the exam table and laying flat, I told him I don't like to lay flat it makes my back hurt. And he said it was because I had no meat on my butt. So he is a very laid back doctor. He did speak highly of Dr. Sierra. And gave me some names of doctors that were a lot closer. So since we had gotten to the airport early, I looked the doctors up and none were covered. So then I called Dr. Sierra to see how far he was booked out too. And he was the middle of May- right when the kids get of school. We looked at flying prices to MN but they were double what we paid to fly to Boston. So we would drive to MN. But after much debating I knew I wanted Dr. Millis to do the surgery. So we emailed him that day and asked when he had surgery dates and explained how my sister would be in town for 7 months while her hubby served overseas and how she offered to watch the kiddies. He then emailed me to see what would work. I told him anytime before the kids get out of school. He then emailed his surgery coordinator Renee to see what set a date for me. So I am hoping to have a date in the very near future. I know once a date is set that there will be an end to this hurting and pain and giving out.


  1. Thats awesome Katie!! I'm so glad you decided to go with Millis!! You'll def have to keep us updated as soon as you get a call from the surgery coordinator! I'm hoping that it's really soon!! Hang in there!! xoxo

  2. Always keep with your instincts:) You'll be much happier instead of wondering, "what if?..."
    I'm anxious to hear when your date will be...pretty soon anyway since it's already March!!! :) xoxo

  3. Katie, I, as your mother, am so proud of you. You go though so much pain and discomfort and never complain. I am so glad that you finally will get in and get the surgery done. Dad and I love you very much. We are always there for you.