Thursday, March 4, 2010


I just feel like crying at this point. Still no surgery date. No end to the pain yet. Dr. Millis was such a wonderful friendly doctor. He answered my questions without me having to ask them. That is how well he explained everything. He showed me good xray of a normal hip and then showed me an xray of a fixed hip. You couldn't even tell the hip had been cut! That was amazing. The hip looked normal. He went over how I have "hole" on one of the femur bones due to stress to the cartilage and my hips not working properly. He did a lot of different ROM. He asked me to walk. He also asked what type of pain I am experiencing. And said my left was worse then the right. I do need to do surgery soon or otherwise a PAO won't work. WIth a PAO he didn't guarantee that I wouldn't ever need a THR. ANd that the PAO could get me through the next 5 years to possible my whole life. And gave me about a 25% chance of needing a THR based on the cartilage he saw from the MRI. He just really worries about the distance and having 5 kids. ANd really spoke highly of Dr. Sierra in Minnesota. He also recommended a Dr. GArvin but he isn't on our insurance. He did say that he would do the surgery if I wanted him to but he just really worries about the distance when there are closer doctors. So I just don't know what to do. I feal numb and feel like crying. I am just disappointed. I was really hoping to come back with a surgery date. I just want to feel better and have another baby. So right now I am not feeling like my usual cheerful self. I don't want to meet anymore doctors or have to call the insurance company to fight them just so they will cover an out of network doctor. All I want is to feel better. And I felt personally like Dr. Millis had such a wonderful demeanor, which I really did like. I just don't know. I just want to be home sitting down and be able to cry.


  1. Hey Katie, I understand the disappointment. You go in with such high expectations and it's hard to walk away with less than you wanted. The good thing is, he said he would do it if you want him to. Have you met with Dr. Sierra yet? Hopefully he'll instill just as much confidence b/c it would be nice to be a little closer to home, but I suppose if you're going out of state to see him, then what does it matter if it's Boston or if it's Minnesota? It'll be better when you've had some time to let it sink in. I guess what I would do is call the schedular for Millis and get a surgery date and then in the meantime see Dr. Sierra and see how you feel at that point. Hope it all works out! xoxo

  2. Hey Katie. I am so sorry you are going through all of this. Keep your faith. Let go and let God. Truly. He knows your heart, and he knows before you ask and he says come to me and lay your burden and ask in Jesus name and you will recieve. You should go to the doctor you desire and no matter other things. I will keep in touch with you. You are in my prayers and thoughts right now and continue to be. I love you Katie and you will be okay! Like in Nemo just keep swimming! Love Alicia.

  3. Oh bless you! ..and I moan about trying to manage two young kids 1 and 4 with FAI...
    You must be such a trooper struggling along with 5 and needing a POA, sending you good vibes and good luck!