Friday, February 12, 2010

Oop...I Have Been Busy

So I thought my youngest had her 15 month appt. today. I had made her appt. back at her one year checkup. At this time I received an appt. card with the day, date, and time on it. I put the card in my wallet and didn't worry about looking at the card again until about two weeks ago. I usually write the appt. down in my calendar book shortly after making it and guess what I didn' t do it this time. So with the holidays, birthdays, and gathering all my info. to send Dr. Millis, I didn't even think to check the date until about two weeks ago. And at that time I looked at the card which read "Friday Feb. 10th at 830 am"". I didn't even realize that the 10th wasn't a Friday. So when I went to change my calendar to Feb., a week later, I marked in all the important dates. I remembered that the card had said Frid. something. so I marked it on the calendar as the 12th her appt. But last night when I looked at the card to double check the time, I saw the mistake. And it was too late to call the office because it was after hours. I decided to go ahead and take her in anyway. But when I went to check her in, they told me her appt. was for last friday the 5th. And to make it more complicated they couldn't work me in. So they scheduled her for Monday the 15th of Feb. at 900. Oh well mistakes happen and I have been busy with getting appts. made for me.
But that isn't all I must add a few more interesting happenings for the day:
So when get home from what I thought was appt. day, but really wasn't. And the the three old and 15 month old decided that while mommy was starting to do the morning dishes they would go and brush their teeth and wash their hands. Oh how wonderful of them if only they used the sink instead of the toilet for their water source. That was so gross. Thank goodness the toilet was flushed. But yuck. They obviously don't see yuck in the toilet though. And then I get them out of the bathroom. And instead of trying to finish the dishes I put away clothes. That should be safe, wrong again. Because as I was finishing up I realized how good and quiet they were being. That is never a good thing. So I come out into our living room to find them with my chocolate peanut clusters in their ever so tiny precious baby hands. The baby looks up at me with her chocolate covered face and mouth stuffed full of the chocolat yummies and smiles. Emma tries to blame her sister but I knew it was her who got into them. You just have to them. So hopefully if I can get a surgery date scheduled at my consultation appt., things like this won't happen for the grandparents. It would make life for them too interesting.

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