Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Better

I have been doing much better the past two weeks.  I have been taking some natural supplements to help. 
Bee propolis---to help with the cyst.
Royal jelly---for ovary health
Milk thistle---for a healthy liver as I was taking so much ibuprofen and tylenol. 
Calcium---for bone health
Cod liver oil---for overall health and wellbeing
Cranberry---bladder health but only when I drink a coffee

But I do feel better overall.  Even considering the still sleepless nights I am having.  I try to just accept the restlessness I am having and use the time I really can't fall back asleep to stay in bed and just pray to God and to my baby.  I love the late night conversations as I speak from the deeper part of me.  A part of me that is filled with such richness and true meaning.   I know this is what carries me through.  I just know. 

My heart at times still breaks with tears.  He knows me, He understands me.  My heart is filled with His love.  It isn't always joy but sorrow too.  And this I must place full trust in. 

With You I am everything but without You I am nothing.

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