Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 6

I had met the goal of having a bowel movement, pain control, but still needed PT.
PT came that morning. She wheeled me to the room and had me do the stairs the twice! And then walk back to my room! I felt good but was tired from last night. But I decided that I wanted to sit in the wheelchair, where I fell alseep for about two hours.
Dr. Millis came in and told me that since I have met all the requirements and I was doing good that he didn't think insurance would cover another night in the hospital. It was fine by both Dusty and I. Dusty was already looking at flights home. He did find some that flew into Kansas City. Dusty's dad was agreeable to pick us up. So we booked our flight for almost home :)
Dusty filled my prescriptions at the hospital pharmacy. And the nurse gave me my discharge papers. They called a cab for us that was to be there in 30-40 minutes but they actually showed up while we were still upstairs being discharged. No big deal we just gave them a call back and they showed up again.
Getting into the mini van at first was a challenge but did manage to get into the front which was easier. At the airport, I was pushed around in a wheelchair. We did get to skip to the front of the security checkpoint. They were all really nice and were trying to help get me through the metal detector so I wouldn't have to be patted down. But I just couldn't do it and I had already planned to be patted down. It just seemed easier. It wasn't bad. I just told them where my incision was. We were seated first and then we would wait until everyone else got off. We landed in KC at 1045pm. His dad, Papa Lou, and Edgar showed up about 15 minutes later. It was easier to get into the van but it was also pulled right up to the curb so it wasn't as high to step up.
The 3 hours it took to get home wasn't bad either. I did fall asleep twice though. Once home I slept on the recliner and Dusty on the couch since he had to get up in 3 hours anyway to take the older three to school. It was good to be home.

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